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Clean X Calgary is happy to provide cleaning services to our residential and commercial customers in the area. We know that, like most people, residents of Calgary, AB view cleaning and vacuuming as a chore, and when carpet shampoo becomes necessary, it can be time-consuming to do it yourself. Why not let the experts handle it? Our Calgary Carpet Cleaning are experts at disinfecting and deodorizing carpet upholstery cleaning products will leave your house smelling fresh, and our method of drying carpets and furniture quickly will ensure there is no risk of costly damage.

It is our mission to provide a quality product to the consumer at a reasonable rate. We believe that quality counts and it will spread the word about our services.

All of our products have been uniquely designed to contain absolutely no soaps, shampoos, or surfactants that can leave behind a sticky residue, which will cause your carpets to re-soil quickly and spots to reappear after they have been cleaned.

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Clean X Calgary offers professional & reliable Cleaning services for residential, commercial & Industrial clients in Calgary and surrounding areas. Get A free estimate by calling. Get A Free Quote!

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Clean X Carpet and Upholstery Ltd. offers all kinds of cleaning for your needs and budget. Give us a call to have a quote and compare.