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Just because you spilled liquid on your white area rug does not mean you need to replace the carpet. There are many benefits of Carpet and Rug Cleaning and Repairing for homeowners in Airdrie, AB. Find the best company for the job and avoid the disaster of hiring the wrong guys.

Airdrie Carpet cleaning is done in a diligent manner and each section is cleaned several times and in a slow motion method to allow the suction of the vaccume to remove every little bit of dirt. Areas where people sit and move their feet around need special detail and should be vaccumed in a criss cross manner.

Extended carpet life

Our carpet cleaning specialists in Airdrie may suggest that you strategically place of durable scuff mats or area rugs adjacent to the highest traffic areas can help keep your carpet cleaner and may help to reduce uneven wear patterns. Using carpet remnants on top of your carpeting will cause the carpet to wear faster, as the rough backing on remnants is highly abrasive.

Cleaning on a regular basis will significantly extend the life of your carpet, we suggest you contact our Airdrie Carpet Cleaners to see what is the best frequency for your specific situation. Remember, as a rule of thumb, it's easier to maintain your carpet than to restore it. Always insist upon a certified professional technician like Clean X Calgary.

Clean X Calgary offer professional service and affordable rates when it comes to cleaning your carpet in Airdrie, AB - Our services include full carpet cleaning as well as Carpet Scrubbing, Urine Removal, and Carpet Protection.

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